Miniature Wabash Bluebird Train in Forrest, IL

The miniature WaBash Bluebird Train was purchased by the Forrest Historical Society for $20,000.00 from the William Miller Estate. The train was manufactured sometime prior to 1948 by the “Miniature Train and Railroad Company” of Addison, Illinois who also made larger miniature trains for use at amusement parks and carnivals. Powered by a 10 hp motor, the train is designated as a MT612 Model 109. The G gauge is also referred to as a 13 gauge, which references the 13’’ distance between the tracks on which it runs. For many years it has been under the care of Sylvester Fosdick Jr., who not only does the train maintenance, but has engineered the train at many Thresherman’s Reunions each Labor Day weekend during September in Pontiac, Illinois and the Annual WaBash Celebration in Forrest, Illinois held the last Saturday of each September.

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