Hampsher Hotel in Forrest, IL

The original owner of this property was Mr. I.J. Krack.  The first sale of the lot was recorded in April 1894 for $200. The lot exchanged hands several times over the next few years until it was sold to Jacob and Minnie Hampsher for $600.00 in March 1910.  Shortly thereafter they appeared to have built this hotel as the “The New Hampsher Hotel”.
Somewhere between 1915 and 1929 the hotel changed hands and the name was again changed to the Randolph Hotel which has been verified by several local citizens and maps of 1929.
After many years and change in ownerships, the Forrest Historical Society now owns and operates the “Hampsher Hotel Bed and Breakfast”. It has four suites each with their own private bathroom and sitting room. To reserve a room you may call 815-848-1922.


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